I don’t sell art often, but over the next two weeks, I’ll be posting some dandy pieces. Only a few, because I still have commissions to get out the door, but check out THIS LINK for a top quality splash page featuring THE FANTASTIC FOUR in a really classic piece, and a brush and ink SANDMAN work that I think you will really love.

I will probably be posting as many as ten pieces overall. All art sold to US buyers guaranteed for Christmas delivery!

And don’t forget, I’m the artist for JUSTICE LEAGUE 3001 #6! Check out this exclusive preview at Comicosity!
Here I am interviewed at SALON.

I don’t think people realize just how good these classic comic artists were. They see this old-fashioned art, but the talent behind it is amazing. It’s one thing to sit there and spend days making a comic page, it’s another to make these dynamic pages day after day after day, sometimes churning out 2-3 pages of finished art every day without fail, month after month.

You don’t have time to second guess yourself, and they threw so much stuff at the wall. A lot of the old comics were pretty awful, but what was good is going to outlast the pyramids. The synergy that went on in that claustrophobic little environment hasn’t been seen since. It was amazing.