“I thought you said you weren’t going to blog anymore”.


Actually, I wrote that I wasn’t going to blog anymore, unless it was about my own business. That I would no longer work as an activist, and blog about industry issues.

And so I don’t.

I used to blog almost 7 days a week at 14 hours a week or more. Now I post something promotional perhaps once a week, and write about my work or thoughts 1-2 times a month.

Shall we compare?

This post about Haven Publishing took over 12 hours to research and write. That’s a significant portion of my work week, and that’s a lot of art that did not get done. Add follow-ups and that’s a good 4 hours more.

By contrast, the post you are reading right now that required no research and a bit of typing by me took less than nine minutes.

I’ll continue to pop in and comment when I want to, but I am not going to spend hours tracking down sources and doing heavy lifting on industry activism.

I am going to go back to painting this Neil Gaiman graphic novel I am trying to complete, and I will listen to the new Enya album. Perhaps later, I will finish off this Patricia Highsmith audiobook I’ve been enjoying while I paint as well.

This is what I would much rather be doing with my time these days.