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READ Alan Moore’s BIG NEMO for free! Art by me and colors by Jose Villarubia, with tech by Ocasta Studios! Alan Moore on ELECTRICOMICS at THE GUARDIAN.

“Big Nemo was the title of the strip I thought of back when I was just imagining the new technology as background detail for the show. It’s set in the ’30s and basically, without giving too much away, the title says it all. Little Nemo is no longer little and it’s no longer the 1920s…Colleen is a wonderful artist whose work I’ve known for decades. Back in the 80’s she did the very excellent A Distant Soil. She was recommended by José Villarrubia who’s doing a lot of our colouring and had been working with Colleen. The job she’s done is absolutely exquisite. She’s really worked her socks off.”

BIG NEMO chosen as a top ten digital comic for 2015 by Pipedream!

Mixing the classic look and feel of the Nemo character with a Guided View-esque series of transitions courtesy of the app, Nemo sees panels appear on screen to reveal the story and move the character through the story, with the tour de force being a superb scene aboard a roller coaster.