Answering some general questions here, and stating some hopes for the future.

As most of you know, the blog and webcomic were wiped out in a system migration. All was still there in some form, but the tedious process of restoring the material was overwhelming, and I decided to let it go. I wiped the archives I did not care to restore.

Most of the blog prior to 2013 is completely wiped out. At some point, I may just ditch the blog entirely.

For those of you who are running around trying to find stuff on the Wayback Machine, this site is not in the archive. So that dude who was trying to find out what my blog was on about in 2002…they say everything on the internet is forever, but it’s totally not.

I feel a great sense of relief and peace letting activism, and the people associated with it, go. Another women in comics group invited me this week, and I just walked away.

My migraines are not completely gone, but are much better. I average about 3-4 migraines a month now, and that for me is a huge improvement. I used to get 21 a month, and am going to be awhile paying off some of the associated expenses of not being able to work full time for some years. That’s not a whine, things are so much easier, but I don’t think people realize how debilitating migraines can be.

A friend of mine who used to get 1-2 a year is now getting 2 a month. He’s so alarmed he’s going in for an MRI. If I only got two a month, I’d cry with joy.

Actually, I did cry with joy last February when, for the first time in my adult life (as far as I can remember anyway,) I went 30 days without a migraine.

I don’t think activism had much to do with them, but it can’t have helped. Dealing with mentally unstable people, people suffering from Dunning-Kruger Effect, and litigious whackos wears on you.

Since I am not doing any of that anymore, I have more time to put the webcomic pages back online at the rate of 5 per week. These are pages that have been digitally restored and re-lettered by the incomparable Allan Harvey. They appear much larger and cleaner than the old webcomic presentation, as we had many complaints it was hard to read the pages. Just look at the COMMENTS on the right, and you will see each page as it goes back up in proper order. Over 150 pages have been loaded so far.

You can buy the books at Comixology for your very own and read A DISTANT SOIL whenever you want. Or at my bookstore, which I also appreciate.
Yes, I am working on new A DISTANT SOIL material again.

I kept pushing back the final date to finish the Neil Gaiman graphic novel, but the end is near and the book will appear in September of 2016.

I will have a window of about 45 days to do commissions before I start a new project, and am entertaining offers for other projects after that as well. I can’t announce anything at this time, but I did do a cover for Marvel recently, and that should be announced next week.


That is very satisfying.

I look forward to a 2016 with greater focus and clarity; a solid work ethic; a further commitment to avoiding unnecessary drama and conflict; a greater commitment to my health and welfare, as well as the health and welfare of my family; moving forward with A DISTANT SOIL and my long-percolating novel; doing more of my best work with outstanding writers whom I respect and appreciate in all ways; improvement, improvement, improvement.

Also, gardening.