Doing a search on your site for the new BOOK OF LOST SOULS you announced and can’t find anything. What is going on with that?


THE BOOK OF LOST SOULS, for those who don’t know, was one of my all-time favorite projects. Written by J Michael Straczynski. Back in 2006, it was published by Marvel’s Icon Line. I did the art.

In 2013, it was announced that JMS and I were reviving the project, and while I did some art for it including covers, Joe has had some very exciting television projects which make moving forward with THE BOOK OF LOST SOULS impossible. Will it ever come out again? Dunno. Naturally, I can’t keep my schedule open for it, but will jump at the chance to work on it again if a miracle occurs.

But I’m on to other things, and so is Joe, and I wish him the best. No, really, we’re peeps.

The original run is collected in this nifty-dandy trade paperback, stories that make me awfully proud. I hope you’ll check it out. We have minty fresh copies.

THE BOOK OF LOST SOULS Written by J Michael Straczynski with art by Colleen! 120 pages FULL COLOR!

Jonathan, in despair over lost love and thwarted ambitions, commits suicide. He awakens in the 21st century, where he is transformed into a psychopomp, a spirit who escorts lost souls. Does he save them or send them to their doom?

He acts on the orders of the Dark Man, and his guide is a talking cat named Mystery.