Here’s a quick tip, something I just posted to twitter. Want to find out which libraries are carrying books you want to read right now? Check out this website! WORLDCAT! The worldwide library card catalog!

Neil Gaiman posted a note on twitter that his readers can find SANDMAN at their library. And I know some readers are puzzled by the fact that so many creators push libraries. Don’t creators want money?

If you are not able to buy your favorite books, creators totally get it. No one loves libraries more than authors! The more books you check out, the more books libraries buy. And the more readers get to legally and freely read our work! Libraries replace worn books after they’ve been checked out frequently. Libraries support authors, and authors love reaching new readers!

Find it at your local library – ask for one of my books, or the book of any favorite author via inter-library loan. Everybody wins!

Remember, even if your local library does not have the book you want, they can get it through inter library loan. It’s fast! And you can also request that your library buy the books you want to read. Then your favorite books can be shared with the whole community!

Thanks for supporting libraries and authors!!!