I am posting sketches and commentary of the development of my comic art over at my Facebook page, with particular focus on my space opera A DISTANT SOIL, going back to when I was 10 years old. This shows superhero sketches, discusses where I got my ideas, etc. It’s quite a bit of fun.

I think it may be of particular interest for those of you who are tired of the myth that little girls didn’t like superheroes, and that girls didn’t read comics. This is all nonsense, of course. I didn’t need permission to make superheroes or read them, had no involvement in fandom at that early age as fandom barely existed, and did not need to see other women making comics as inspiration. I simply saw what I liked and did it.

What do little girls come up with when they make comics? Girl Heroes.

It was only after I became involved in fandom – but more so when I became a pro – that I encountered resistance.

Girls don’t need examples or permission to like things, they have their own minds. What they need is less bullying when they indicate where they want to go. Looking back, I’m astonished I stuck it out. High school had nothing on the SF/comics/manga and pro communities for bizarre, gatekeeping behaviors.

I hope my chronicle is inspiring to others as well. I also hope that maybe you might take the time to dig out those things you liked doing when you were a kid, and maybe give it another go sometime.

Good luck.