Books I enjoyed the last couple of weeks. Highly recommended.

“Penhallow” is very dark for a Georgette Heyer novel, and “The Song of Achilles” wasn’t quite as good as I thought it would be. It is an Orange Prize winner. I guess I was expecting something more literary. I prefer Renault by far. But it was entertaining, and I think it will appeal to young women most. I disagree strongly with the characterization of Patroclus, who comes across as a very passive person, the opposite of how he appears in “The Illiad”. But hey, I can deal with it, it’s just didn’t appeal to me.

“The Thirteenth Tale” was atmospheric gothic goodness. Quite enjoyed it, and the language is beautiful.

I’m a fan of Pressfield, and enjoy his warrior ethos novels, most of which center on Greco-Roman history, as well as his non-fiction writing on art making.