Without going into gory details, a feminist blogger whom I used to count among my friends was booted off my private FB page two years ago after I caught her leaking info. The stuff she leaked was often filtered through her truthiness meter, which is to say what you say and what she repeated often had little resemblance to one another. I haven’t spoken to her in about 2 years, and one of her nastier acts of revenge was posting a truthiness article last summer – clearly directed at me – which strongly implied I’d given her an interview. Which I had not. I never gave her an interview about the subject she posted. Ever.

Another dirty trick is her spreading the lie that I hate cosplayers because they don’t buy books, and won’t attend shows with cosplayers. This is ridiculous. She paraphrased a conversation on my private FB page and attributed a writer’s comments to me. I simply didn’t make those comments.

Here is a screen shot of what I actually wrote on my private FB page. I can’t violate anyone else’s privacy by repeating what they said as well, and would not do so, but my position was simply that some cons are party cons, and some cons are book cons, and some cons are celebrity cons, and you should know your market. Not all shows are going to be good book sale shows. This is, like, Sales 101.

This blogger is not trusthworthy in any respect, and I will not speak to her in the future. But this canard got back to me again recently, and I feel I have a right to defend myself.

If people want to go to a con to party, what is it to me? Some cosplayers buy books in great honking quantities. Every show is different. Find what works for you and do that.

Apparently, making up shit about pros is what some bloggers do, but hey, gotta feed the gossip gristmill, otherwise no one will support your Patreon.

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