Folks, I want to apologize to everyone waiting on book and art orders.

I don’t know how to describe the awesome mission creep on this project which I expected to do in less than one year and managed to spread over four years. I’ll give it a try, though.

Coloring alone, for which I slated up to 120 days took over 10 full months of work and stretched to over a year of part time work.

I completely changed my technique after I’d done a large portion of the job, threw it out, started over, and came up with a much better work. But it cost me big time. I will be finished with this project in a couple of days, with one day of wiggle room. I’m in hermit mode, have not been to a movie or out to dinner or anything in months except for a couple of convention appearances, and I worked the whole time I was there, too.

Most of June will be dedicated to completing commissions and shipping out art and orders. I have several major commissions to complete, a few of which are 2 years on my wait list. I am also picking up A DISTANT SOIL again, and have more projects on my plate. I’ve recently completed my first work for Valiant Comics! But I need to get my commissions out, and I truly appreciate the great patience of all my patrons.

I’ll see you at Derby City Comic Con, Florida Super Con, Tampa Bay Comic Con, Terrificon, Long Beach Comic Con, and New Jersey Comic Book Expo. More to be announced.

Finishing this book and going out in public again is going to feel like a coming out party. I am busting with delight, grateful to have had so much support from Dark Horse Comics and Neil Gaiman, and am ready to move on to new things!