OK, when an project goes well over a year over schedule, it had better be good, and I humbly submit that my adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s TROLL BRIDGE into a graphic novel is very good. Easily my best art.

The project went way WAY over because I was contracted to work in a particular style at a particular page rate, completely changed my mind, then ended up doing the book in a far more difficult and time-consuming style for the originally contracted page rate.

If that’s not love I don’t know what is.

I can’t wait to do another.

TROLL BRIDGE will be out in late September, in stores October 3.

You can order from your local bookstore, or online. And, of course, there will be foreign editions as well. I know there is a French edition on the way.

I spent so much time tensed up sitting at my computer working on this thing, my right leg pressed up against the bottom ridge of the desk, that I have dug a deep gouge in my right leg that has not gone away yet.

I’m also doing a number of shows this year. Coming out of my shell. With much improved health, comes much improved stamina, and that means I can handle travel again.

2016-supercon-Colleen-DoranCkCPyR0WsAEePkeScreen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.07.24 PM

I’ll see you at Derby City Comic Con, Florida Super Con, Tampa Bay Comic Con, Terrificon, Long Beach Comic Con, and New Jersey Comic Book Expo.

I’ve had several project contracts show up, so off to work on major new gigs soon. I had some short stints doing art for X-O Manowar at Valiant, as well as Faith, also for Valiant. Very entertaining work they’re doing over at Valiant, I must say.

Back to completing commissions, too. Most of June will be devoted to clearing my calendar, filling back orders, and doing commissions, including several major pieces that patrons have had to wait 2 years for, for which I apologize. I also have to get the A DISTANT SOIL donation incentive print out the door, it is VERY late. I want to get all of the major pieces done before I move on to new books.

And I get to work on A DISTANT SOIL some more.