Off I go! This weekend it’s Derby City Comic Con, and next weekend it’s Florida Super Con. In another month, Tampa.

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Click here for details for Derby City Comic Con, Florida Super Con, Tampa Bay Comic Con, Terrificon, Long Beach Comic Con, and New Jersey Comic Book Expo.

I finished all of my most recent work on time and in some cases early. I bet my editors about peed. My docket is completely clear to work on long-delayed commissions for awhile, and on some concept sketches I keep putting off.

Many contracts have come through, deals have been made, but it will be awhile before scripts are in and things get moving. I’m very happy to be working on these commissions, I am way behind. And it is very satisfying to complete a series of small projects in quick succession, as opposed to working on a book for years! It’s instant gratification, almost.

There is also time to work on A DISTANT SOIL, I’m doing some script fixes right now, and look forward to quiet evenings in my hotel doing some tweaks.

Anyway, I’ll have lots of books and art for sale at the upcoming shows, so hope to see you there!