Goings on in my kitchen and in the orchard. Lots of deer in the orchard.

Deer have made a meal of almost everything I planted in my garden this year, but as you can see, I got some potatoes, cabbages, garlic, leeks, and dill.

With all the rain this year, the mushroom foraging is terrific. There are lot of wild Chanterelles at our place, all we could ever need to eat.

This week I made dill pickles, and focaccia with heirloom tomatoes and Chanterelles. I also made a really wonderful filet mignon with lobster tails, fried green tomatoes, roasted cabbage, roasted potatoes and onions, and sauteed Chanterelles.

I don’t usually get to cook this much, but I’m up to date on all my work. I am doing commissions and working on several projects. Plenty to do.focaccia