I thought you’d find this interesting. Around 1997, as a back up in A DISTANT SOIL 25, I did a pen and ink version of the Neil Gaiman short story “Troll Bridge”. I’d been hoping Neil would let me do something like “Murder Mysteries” or “Chivalry”, but Neil said he wanted to see what I would do with “Troll Bridge” instead, since he thought it would be more of a stretch.

I did the short story, but was never very happy with it, and it haunted me for years after. When Neil said he’d be willing to let me give it a go as a graphic novel, I jumped at the chance. So, for those who are wondering how different my approach is, on the left is art from my original 8 page short, and on the right, the same scene which will appear in the graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics in September this year.

A couple of rather surly people attempted to buzzkill the announcement of the release of the GN by complaining that they didn’t see any point in buying some reprint of a story I’d drawn in A DISTANT SOIL 25. As you can see, the approach to the work is completely different, and it’s not 8 pages of story with extra pictures added to pad it into a graphic novel. It’s 60 pages of fully painted art.

I have not looked at the old art in years, so seeing these two side by side is rather mind boggling. There is nearly 20 years of development between these pictures. Click on the image for a closer look.