Having a great time on the convention circuit this year, and I’m overwhelmed by the response to my work. Not only was Tampa Bay Comic Con the most financially successful convention I’ve experienced in my whole career, but A DISTANT SOIL sold amazingly well. I move dozens of graphic novels per show, which is way over what I expected, considering it’s been on hiatus for awhile. Many people ask when the next volume is coming out and when I’m going to finish. With a reception like this, that date is going to be sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, I have a lot of other work to do, and I have to recover from this epic summer cold I picked up. I got sick the day I arrived in Tampa. By Sunday, I thought they were going to have to wheel me out of there.

All of my books sold very well, the fans were incredibly receptive and positive. The only dude I met who wasn’t knew nothing about comics, and complained his daughter made him take her there. I thought that was epic.

My art just flew out of the place, my portfolios had significant empty spaces when the show was over, and my table got a little sparse of books as well. I just did not expect the reception, the show was such a great experience. Much bigger than I was expecting, and I really liked the venue. Easy to get in and out, easy to find things to do around the event. I had a terrific Caribbean dinner at Yah Mon (301 W Platt St Tampa, FL 33606) which was an eight minute walk down the road from the show. Very soothing atmosphere, too and a wonderful staff. Great comfort food. Also, a Walgreens and a major grocery minutes walk away, so when I needed medicine and chicken soup, it was easy to get.

Many thanks to the staff of Tampa Bay Comic Con for their wonderful hospitality, as well as my agent Spencer Beck who keeps an eye on me, and Steve Lipsky who very kindly handled all my boxes for me, which made set up a breeze. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

My next show is Terrificon in Ct, and I am really looking forward to this one as it will feature a roast of Keith Giffen. Hoo boy.

Anyway, here’s a few con snaps!

June (Power Pack) Brigman at a swell party! But wait! Look closely at the hunk on the right of this pic! Why, it’s Charlie Cox lead actor in Daredevil!


Why, getting him in that shot was purely by accident, sure it was.

Me and June cuddle up to amazing artist Rags Morales!


All smiles with the wonderful and inspiring Jimmy Palmiotti, who gives great advice and is a terrific example of the power of positive attitude in a rough business.

All of these pictures are swell until I consider the possibility I may have given these nice people my cold.


Here’s a selfie I took because I got this cool jacket and wanted everyone to know what it looked like. Isn’t my hotel bathroom nice?


OK, I just lost about three days work to this bug, now I have to make it all up. Hoo boy.

BTW, don’t forget about this awesome TRINA ROBBINS Kickstarter, to which I have made a modest contribution, and hope you will support.