There is an A Distant Soil fanfic site that sometimes links updates to the A Distant Soil webpage. I’ve been asked if I am OK with this. I am not only OK with this, I fully support not-for-sale fan activity. If you want to make fanfic and fanart of my work and link it from the FB page or the website, you are welcome to do so. I not only got my start in comics doing fanfic, but when trying to break through a creative block fairly recently, sat down and worked on some myself, posted it anonymously, and it got me through that creative block like a charm.

I know there are some creators who hate it, and some creators have had legal problems with fans claiming we get our ideas from their stuff. It’s probably been 20 years since anyone made that claim toward me, and nothing came of it, so whatever. I’m not worrying about it so much these days. On the other hand, I can’t read your unsolicited, unpublished manuscripts, so please don’t send them to me.

You are welcome to post your fan fic and fan art here, at my website, or to contribute to the fan site, as long as it is related to my work. The most important thing: have fun.