EDIT: Signing info with Stan Lee at New York Comic Con Announced!

THE ONLY SHOW perhaps EVER where Stan Lee, Peter David and me will be appearing to sign AMAZING FANTASTIC INCREDIBLE! Pick-up a signed copy of AMAZING FANTASTIC INCREDIBLE at New York Comic Con on Sunday, October 9! Get a ticket in advance at the Simon & Schuster booth (#2128) then head to booth #1564 at 10 AM to grab your book!

I am staying off the net because I have weeks of work to make up and I’ve been in Los Angeles for awhile.

Though not previously announced, I will appear for several signings and events at New York Comic Con.

UPDATE: I will appear on Friday and Saturday from 6:15-8 PM ONLY at The Artists Choice booth in Artist Alley # N 301. This will be the only time there will be art and books direct from me available to buy.

On Saturday morning at 11 AM I will be signing TROLL BRIDGE for Dark Horse Comics. 11:00 a.m.–11:45 a.m. Legend of Zelda signing stage.


While I do have other events, I can’t announce them yet. I have a lot of projects, many shorts, small things and big things. Big things with cool things in them. Can’t discuss yet.

Here is a mighty fine review of Here is a mighty fine review of TROLL BRIDGE which I think hits all the points I hoped the book would make.

While I was in LA, Stan Lee signed something special for me. A page of original art from AMAZING FANTASTIC INCREDIBLE STAN LEE.stan-signed

Much fun was had by all! Photo courtesy POW Entertainment.


Thanks to LONG BEACH COMIC CON for having me as a guest that weekend! Wonderful show and great fans!

And at Terrificon, Peter David and I got to meet mini-me Stan Lee!mini-me-stan-lee

This is another wonderful show, and you couldn’t ask for a better venue than the Mohegan Sun! What a gorgeous place!

I’m sorry I am out of touch and late with shipments, I will make it up soon. I think I should be able to get back to normal after I return from NYCC. I’m down to 1,548 emails. Um…yay.