Siphrania has been scanning and archiving the fanzines from the old A DISTANT SOIL club days, and here is a really nice cupcake recipe with my illustrations of Seren and some selwits. This was never published outside the fanzine, which probably had a circulation of about 100 people back then. So chances are good almost no one reading this page has seen it.
I love this recipe, it makes the best cupcakes ever.

We’ll continue to archive old fanart and fanfic at this 100% not-for-profit fansite. I do not want anyone to think I am making moolah off their fan activity. This is entirely for the benefit of fans who want to see this material.

We were going to post the old zines in toto, but they contain lots of private letters. They include home addresses, and I don’t think that’s a cool thing to do. Boy have times changed.

So we are only posting fiction, art and fanac, not editorials or personal material of any kind.

If you have any contributions you want to make, do so. I make no judgments about the art or story content.

I’m afraid I do not have complete archives of fanzines and so on for A DISTANT SOIL. I must have had them at one point, but we had a flood in my studio some years back, and I assume the archives were among the casualties. I can’t recall. If you have any of this material, speak up so we can include it. Thanks!