One of my readers Roca_D asked some great questions about dealing with brain fog with specific regard to her struggle with ADD.

Some professional organizers are trained to work with people who have cognitive issues. You can even find coaches who will work with you online.

I used a professional organizer service, but I didn’t hire one specifically for dealing with my cognitive issues: I didn’t know I had a medical problem at the time.

I can’t personally recommend anyone, but I am thrilled to know this service exists.

Some professional organizers seem to think brain fog starts and ends with being overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted. They promote the idea that if you clean up your mess, you will be cured! But brain fog is a medical issue for many, arising from illness, inflammation, pain and medication. Getting organized won’t fix the issue, but it will make it a heck of a lot easier to deal with.

This article goes over some common myths about being organized when you have ADHD, and it pretty much repeats what I wrote here: Digital is best for getting organized (nope, not even,) once organized always organized (nope, you have to work at it, and I stop in the middle of jobs and do mad cleaning,) the right storage will solve your problems (nope, especially in the arts, my needs are always changing).

Here is truth: the key is adjusting “…your expectations and accepting that your life will probably be more cluttered than other people’s.”

That’s how I live, baby.

I paid $40 an hour for my professional organizer, and I imagine those prices vary quite a bit. This service should qualify for business and/or medical benefits. Getting training that helps you with your job, even when you are self employed and working in the home, is a tax deductible business expense. If you can convince your boss to foot the bill, so much the better. Nothing would make a boss happier than to hear you want to invest in being more productive.

I do not have ADHD, I have chronic illness induced brain fog, and since my issue is not a constant, your experience will be different than mine. I started a new medication in December, and have a lot more energy and focus already, so fingers crossed.

Good luck!

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