My computer is in the shop right now so I can’t scan new art, but here is a pic of original manuscripts for A DISTANT SOIL and copies of the Italian edition of the series!

Almost all of my manuscripts are written by hand: these are the A DISTANT SOIL data files, as well as original short stories for A DISTANT SOIL “Seasons of Spring”. None of this material has ever been published in toto, though a small portion of it appeared in fanzines back in the 1990’s, with my permission.

I’m going to be posting some of this material, along with original art and designs that have never been seen before, to the A DISTANT SOIL website in the coming months. Later, I intend to collect it and publish it as part of a fundraiser incentive for the series.

Even though I haven’t felt well for a few months, I am very confident about my new medication and am looking forward to a challenging work year. I’ve pulled all my A DISTANT SOIL files out of storage and am moving forward, as well pushing to complete the other assignments on my plate. I am clear-headed and focused, and ready to work.