A couple of brush and ink pieces.

I do these periodically to stay loosened up.

It’s been two months since I started my new medication, but only a few weeks since I started the new auto-immune protocol. While I definitely feel better, going to Portland last week was stretching it a bit, and I felt very bad when I got back, barely able to draw. Would not have been a problem if not for weather and mechanical failure delays, topped by a missing pilot. We were actually on the last leg of yet another rerouted part of my trip, sitting on the plane, then we just waited, then they made us disembark. It was so ridiculous, I began to laugh and the stewardess looked at me funny. Then I went and found a bar and got a Mimosa. Hi Ho.

I went for about 48 hours on nothing but a 2 hour nap, and felt awful when I got home. It took me all of five days (today) to really get back on my feet.

I lost a lot of work, so here I am going into March and not finished with important things. I don’t have another show for two months, so will keep cool and play catch up!

While I can’t say as I am enjoying the auto-immune protocol I have to follow, the diet makes you lose weight pretty fast because you get no carbs and no sugar. It’s pretty much a Paleo diet with a few exceptions. It’s amazing how hard it can be to make sure you get enough calories when you are on a restricted diet, I was feeling completely drained until I started counting the calories and found I wasn’t getting nearly enough. I don’t have to be on this diet forever, but I will probably have to restrict sugar intake for life. (The Mimosa is not allowed on my diet and believe me, I paid for it.)

A doctor told me over twenty years ago he thought I had a sugar sensitivity, and I didn’t really grok what that meant. It was easy to cut back because I lived a really healthy lifestyle for years. However, when I started feeling very low, I let my diet slip and gulped Starbucks and sugary treats for quick energy. Definitely can’t do that now. Oh, well!

I look forward to having treats once in awhile in future, though. I’ve been dreaming of espresso.

I don’t know how much to attribute to the diet or the medication, or maybe both, but I definitely feel better. Brain fog is greatly reduced. Some days I feel perfectly normal and I haven’t felt normal in over a decade. I just think the trip to Portland was too much too soon.