I found a file of several dozen donation incentive print orders that I failed to deliver. If you made a $25 (or more) donation to receive one of these prints and didn’t get it, PLEASE contact me. I just did a second run, and they look perfect as you can see from this photo. I also made sure to overprint so there are plenty for new orders and Patreon supporters.

I have contacted every single person I could find, but a few people have not gotten back to me. So please let me know if your address is current or they will be going out to the last address I have on file.

Tavia Fortt, Hilda Koluch, Ruthie Evers, Mark Boss, Dennis Weldy, Elisabeth Gailey, John Griffith, Gregory Smith

I changed my accounting system and apparently didn’t transfer some of the data properly, but since I back up everything on paper, I double checked the files as well as double checked with the people who ordered just to make sure. Please let me know if you did not get your print and you not only get this print, you get a SECOND brand new print for free!

The prints are excellent quality, the colors are really bright and crisp. The stock is nice and heavy. If you would like one too, you can get it with a $25 donation to my website. Or consider becoming a patron at my Patreon, which is where I am moving most of my blogging.

Patrons will have first look at the final chapter of A Distant Soil as it is completed, as well as first look at other works, some of which you will see a year before publication. CHECK IT OUT HERE. I start posting new pages from A Distant Soil next week.

Thanks for your support!