A few years ago, I announced I would no longer be blogging on a regular basis, as the time, money and energy sink was not worthwhile. Also, my blog had a meltdown and I lost many of my posts. Restoring them was demoralizing. I was unable to recover about 90% of the material, and I didn’t want to sink more effort into it. I decided to stick with blogging only my own work and to avoid industry activism.

I’ve written of how expensive it is to work on my A DISTANT SOIL comic, and how I can’t carve out the time for it among all my other assignments. But after giving everything a really hard look, I come to the conclusion that if I’d invested just a fraction of the hours I’ve put into blogging over the years, I’d be completely finished with A DISTANT SOIL by now, and it wouldn’t have cost me a penny out of pocket to do that.

There are 24 hours in the day, and if only 1 hour per day goes into blogging (and I used to blog daily,) then that is an hour I’m not drawing and writing stories. I’ve had a blog and/or message board for 15 years. Even half of that investment would have finished A DISTANT SOIL by now. A brutally realistic estimate shows me that my blogging and social media use is the time investment equivalent of three 200 page graphic novels.

However, I started a Patreon a little over a month ago. I do all my industry and advice blogging there now. I will also be restoring some of the posts that were lost here for exclusive use of my Patreon readers.

The Patreon has turned out to be far more successful than I’d hoped. It is gratifying to provide content for enthusiastic supporters. I am also posting unpublished work, new work on A DISTANT SOIL, previews and other goodies, some with exclusive permission of my clients. There are affordable tiers of support starting at only $1, with levels that include swag, prizes, signed books, Sideshow Weta sculptures, and original art. My Patreon has Kickstarter-style incentives, and I am proud to say I’ve been able to keep up with all my obligations.

The advice and industry blogging I used to do for free is now behind a $1 a month paywall, and it pleases me to help creators once again while also helping myself.

Thanks for supporting my Patreon!