I noticed a major difference in my sales at my last few conventions due to the fact that I had the energy to get up on my feet and hand sell to people at the shows. My sales went through the roof. I’ve read some Scoldy McScoldyPants posts from some people admonishing lazy creators to get up and hand sell. Be more proactive. Why are you just sitting there looking glum and eking out sketches?

Yes, getting up and hand selling really does work. Big time. I sold hundreds of books at AwesomeCon and had better traffic and sales than at any show in my career, and I was just a last minute guest addition. I also did very well at Niagara Falls Comic Con, selling out most of what I brought by Saturday. I signed so many autographs at AwesomeCon and did so much business, I was unable to eat a meal I brought or get time to leave and eat. Thank goodness I brought protein bars.

However, “rah rah get off your ass” is really ableist advice. Some people are just not well, and do not have the stamina to stand up and push their books with a bright, positive attitude for ten hours a day. I was too unwell to do this for years. I have only been able to do it again at my last three shows and boy howdy, does it make a difference. IF YOU CAN DO IT – DO IT! If you can not do it and someone tut tuts at you for your laziness, they’re an ass. No one has the right to judge you without knowing you. Do the best you can.

But if you can…you really need to give it a go. Rev up that salesmanship and hand sell. Huge difference in sales. I mean, big. If you do not have hand selling skills, try taking a course in salesmanship. Can’t hurt.

I am feeling so much better after six months on new medication and auto-immune protocol. My readings are now back within normal range, and my medication got another tweak to try to get it into optimal. Things are far from perfect, but the debilitating brain fog is no longer a serious issue. I still get hiccups, but it is improving. Anxiety had evaporated. This was a huge issue for years. It was a medical issue all this time. Piss off to the people who were ripping me for it.

Yes. I mean you.

I was so disoriented at times, work was impossible.

The doctor correctly deduced that lingering dizziness, vertigo and fatigue might be something other than the auto-immune disorder, and she was right. Dead low Vitamin D reading. I had no idea this was a thing. It’s associated with my issues. Also the fact that I am paler than the moon and use SPF 50. So I am on supplements and hope to have even more vavavoom soon.

AwesomeCon went so much better than expected I didn’t even mind it when a project I was working on got canceled the same week. YAY! I never announced it in the first place, so you’re not going to miss it. I am months behind schedule on other stuff, so a project getting canned is not a bad thing at this point. I have a lot on my plate.

Be sure to make it to Garden State Comic Fest where ALL Patreon supporters will get a 10% discount on ANY purchase. It is very unusual for me to be able to bring a big display to shows like this, but just like at AWESOMECON, I will have my full display as well as a much larger selection of books and art than I normally bring to shows! So, come on down. Some graphic novels are also ON SALE up to 50% off! So with your Patreon discount, that’s a serious savings!

Also, as hard as it is to believe, I’ve been without a car for over a month now, so shipping can be slow on orders from my humble warehouse. My car is an antique, and it takes weeks to get parts. Hoo boy. I finally got a cell phone, maybe I should upgrade my car into the 21st century, too. Can’t decide.

Anyway, all Patreon supporters who are entitled to original A DISTANT SOIL art at this juncture will get their free AMERICAN GODS comic shipped with their art. And everyone else will get their lovely comics!

I can now take credit cards, thanks to finally getting that cell phone. YAY! I live way out in the country and we are unable to get reception, but I have a new internet program that doubles my bandwidth, so now I use it for my phone. Yay!

I don’t even have time to garden like I used to. I’d begun swapping out a lot of the veggies for low maintenance perennials a couple of years ago because I was too unwell to handle the workload, but now I have too much art to do, so there it is.

OK back to work.

But first some cool AwesomeCon cosplay.

The Jones Boys!

Storm checking out my Mutant X art of…Storm.

Chilling The Man in the High Castle cosplay, featuring Obergruppenfurher Smith and Helen Smith!

Yondu and little Peter Quill.

Nice Crowd!