This week was kind of rough for several reasons. I’ve had some setbacks lately that really got to me on a professional and emotional level. Nothing really serious, but I have to say, it got me in the gut for a bit there. I didn’t lose any jobs or anything, but I did get very upset at a fellow pro who did something petty, and it surprised me how hard it was to just get past it.

It’s something they did awhile ago, but it came flooding back, because it’s someone who has prospered from aggressive professional behavior, and it made me feel badly that fair play doesn’t always win even though I’ve always known that’s the case. Life isn’t fair, but that’s the way it is.

I am usually much better at springing back from that sort of thing.

I’ve felt great about getting back on my feet, getting my health back, and have been feeling wonderful for about two weeks now. As good as if I never got sick. Outside of the ubiquitous migraines and thyroid headaches (which are far less severe and frequent than in the past,) I feel fine, as good as I ever did.

But the impact of having been down so long is finally sinking in. I lost so much momentum. I lost so much work. The financial setback is astonishing. No I’m not asking for more money from you guys, just pointing out you can’t be sick for years without it having an impact, and the impact is only now really sinking in.

How far behind schedule I am is sinking in. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself over the past 48 hours.

I am now completely clear-headed, and completely able to get up and move around, and do things on a daily basis for the first time in over a decade. And that means I am now able to really see and feel and understand what passed me by.

And I felt terrible.

Then yesterday, I got another Patreon supporter.

One dollar. Just one dollar.

I know some people think one dollar doesn’t make a difference, but I started to cry.

Thank you.

EDIT: The Facebook discussion thread can be found HERE.