Wizard World Columbus went better than I expected with sales about 20% higher than normal for a Wizard show. I sold about 75 books, which when you consider the market, is pretty good. Wizard shows are not known for being book friendly venues. I really have to work it for every sale, and hand sell everything. Art is a very hard sell, though I did move a couple of higher end pieces.

I’m on my feet all day, explaining over and over to new fans, but dollar for dollar and considering the number of people at the show compared to, say, SDCC, it is considerably more profitable to attend a Wizard show. Maybe it’s just me, but I do pretty well at them. Also, I think it’s better outreach, as I know I am getting to new comics readers. I sold some people their very first comics this weekend.

I also got to see Jeff Smith, Barbara Slate, Danny Fingeroth, and a few of my other peeps. Had some nice times.

Also, was thinking that having so many high end mainstream books on my table makes it easier to introduce fans to my other stuff. A mainstream fan is not always going to be open to indie books, but I can hand a new reader A DISTANT SOIL or THE BOOK OF LOST SOULS and get them interested after they’ve looked at Wonder Woman. Am very surprised how many people walking in the door of these shows have never heard of Neil Gaiman! Completely different world we’re living in!

The show ran my butt off and I had to get up at 5 AM for tv interviews. Even though I’ve lost a lot of weight, the camera adds 15 pounds and many of my clothes don’t fit properly right now, and I am not as fit as I want to be. I have only been able to get regular exercise for the last few months, and this without being able to get regular exercise for the better part of a decade. I guess I shouldn’t be so impatient!

On the plus side, I am really seeing and feeling improvement, was able to lift 50lb boxes and haul them around without help, got through the entire weekend without incident. Had recurring bouts of dizziness, but nothing serious. Energy level was high. Wizard brings in live bands now, Barbara and I kept dancing to the music.

Brought work with me, but the show times ran so long, plane was late, and then I had interviews, nothing got done. Glad to be home, and no shows for a few months. So back to work. And working out. My next show will be Wizard World Oklahoma City.

I’m going to start selling some of my larger size designer clothes on ebay, they really don’t look well on me now. They need to go to a good home.

Photo of Colleen Doran and Good Day Columbus’s Cameron Fontana courtesy Wizard World PR Jerry Milani.

Colleen Doran and Cameron Fontana