As a convention guest, I’m often working my table or I’m on panels, but rarely does that come with perks like this! So many thanks to ACE COMIC CON for giving some of your comic art guests this rare treat!

I was so worried I would cry when I met Gal Gadot, and I started to babble but the photographer barked at me to smile and get moving, and scared it out of me. I was so happy and dazzled in the next moment, though! Henry Cavill was especially gracious. Look how tiny I am next to these superheroes!

My all-time mega crush Aquaman! I mean, Jason Momoa as Aquaman! We got a bit more time with Jason Momoa, but I was so overwhelmed I just didn’t have much to say, and all I wanted to do was look at him. What a gorgeous man! I was especially surprised how slender they all were; they look so big on screen, but in person, they are (obviously) tall but slim.

Aquaman is the reason I got into comics. My huge crush on Aquaman inspired my fanfic, which later grew into my epic space opera graphic novel A DISTANT SOIL. I never thought I’d end up standing next to Aquaman all these years later!

I’ll be at ACE Comic Con in Glendale Arizona in January, hope to see you there!