These are the only appearances I have scheduled for this year. Two projects are not finished, two more came through sooner than I expected, and the time I have been investing in travel needs to get invested into these books and into A DISTANT SOIL. Conventions take up a month or more a year, and any extra time I have is owed to A DISTANT SOIL until complete.

I’ve really enjoyed getting out and my improved health has made it such a pleasure, but something’s gotta give.

I’ll see you at MAGIC MONACO, the Monaco Anime and Gaming Conference, February 24. This is a conference, not a standard convention, and attendance is limited. See the website for details.

MANHATTANVILLE COLLEGE Berman Center: MFA program One Day Workshop, featuring me, Barbara Slate and former DC Comics President Paul Levitz! March 24.

AWESOMECON in Washington, DC. Did it last year, LOVED it, will be staying an extra day to see some Washington, DC sights! March 30-April-1. This is the only convention I have scheduled in the USA this year.

Going to shows means meeting great people like actress Hayley Atwell of Agent Carter fame! Loved this show!

And the adorable Tom Holland, the new Spider-Man!

I always enjoy getting to do commissions, too. Here’s Starfire…

Colleen Doran Starfire sketch

And Dark Phoenix.

Colleen Doran Dark Phoenix

I have several major commissions outstanding, and so until my plate is clean again, I will be turning away all future requests by mail. If you can get me at AwesomeCon, I will be doing commissions at the show. You may reserve by mail for delivery at the show. This may be the only opportunity to get a commission from me until 2019.

Back to work!