Awhile back I mentioned that the “Beauty and the Beast” Disney animated film adaptation I worked on ages ago had a circulation in the millions, and some folks waxed skeptical about that. Like they do.

But here at this website, you can see a listing of about 50 editions of that book. And the listing isn’t complete. I have a Japanese hardcover edition (pictured) and some US editions not on this list. So, you know, it sold worldwide. And stuff. Often in hardcover.

While I am sure it would have sold whether I worked on it or not, the point being is that a book like this, intended for young readers – and many of them girls – had legs back in the early 1990’s when people were trying to convince the market that comics for kids and girls didn’t sell.

But hey, I always expect some people will turn these issues into some kind of personal fight (gosh, that Colleen had to brag about her sales!) and miss the larger picture. Hi Ho.

Thanks to Torsten Adair for the link.

Further commentary from Knut Robert Knutson:

Norway is one of the smaller countries on that list (roughly 5 million people) and in our country “Beauty and the Beast” was published as supplement to the weekly Donald Duck comic (i.e. bagged for sale with it – this is standard for the Disney Movie Specials in my country)

Which means it was printed with the same print run, which in 1992 would be on average between 190 and 200 thousand copies.

That is 200 thousand copies just in one of the 50 countries it was published. Possibly more than the regular print run, even, as this would be a “sales driver” for the comic.

So when we’re talking circulation in the millions we’re not really talking about possibly breaking 2 million, which is enough to technically say “millions”. We’re talking maybe 10 million as a low estimate.

Probably sold way more than Jim Lee’s X-men 1, only across 50+ different editions and several languages.

Disney is huge in Europe, you should see some of the girls’ comics they produced, WITCH and “Daisy and Minnie” were gorgeous.

Disney reprinted a lot of the movie adaptation material into huge Disney Princess editions. I know the sales are very good, quite nice, but manage to never make bestseller lists though I know for a fact they sell better than GN’s on the bestseller lists.