I haven’t been on social media as much lately. Too much work to do. Went into 2018 sure I’d be pulling 70 hour weeks to make up time from last year’s health woes, and the first thing that happened this year was I got the flu. My fever ran 103 degrees for nearly three days. I was so worried. One day I got delirious and started to cry. In the past when I’ve had a bad bout of the flu, I’ve ended up sick for months. This time I was up after about 10 days and here it is February and I feel fine. I still have a mild cough, but I’m already up to 25 minutes on my elliptical machine and two weeks ago I had trouble going up my stairs.

I am still really far behind at work, never was able to catch up last year like I wanted to. As most of you know I had issues trying to get my thyroid levels on track, but it’s just impossible to make up these months of backlog. I am very grateful none of my clients dumped me, but I am going to work really hard this year, and watch my health.

I am sure I can make up a few months, but since I was about 10 months behind, it’s going to be a bit of a slog.

Another big change on the health front: I just realized I have not had a severe migraine in six months. I can’t recall the last time that happened. Maybe decades ago. I still get them, but last month I only had two minor ones, both easily knocked out by my prescription medication. Neither of them really cost me time at work. Major reduction in thyroid headaches as well, but I now sometimes get icepick headaches. Very unpleasant, but short duration, so I can deal with them.

I went off my auto-immune protocol diet over Christmas. While I didn’t notice any major changes, I did feel a bit more sluggish and I had some minor brain fog glitches. I also put on five pounds very quickly. Only two weeks back on my diet (and I’m not nearly as strict as I used to be,) and the weight dropped off, I have a lot more energy, and I’m not foggy.

I kinda hate how well sticking to healthy habits works, because that means I have to keep doing it.

It looks like I will be going to LA for a week of meetings, and I am nervous and excited at once. We’ll see. I’ll take some of my work with me, the kind that can be done on a lap desk.

I’m very excited about this year. It’s…different. I am getting so many offers and have so many opportunities. I am especially grateful to have my health and the support of my clients and readers. I would not be here with all this happy news without you.

Thank you.