UPDATED 12/13/14

Our printer went bankrupt and discarded our complete inventory of negatives of the art for my entire graphic novel series, nearly 1000 pages of material. While we do have a good deal of the art, restoring the lost pages, and the loss of the negatives has cost me over $20,000 in production work. This was nothing personal, they did this to a number of major publishers. But reprinting all the books and restoring all the art will cost well over $100,000.

If you purchased A Distant Soil original art, I would be very grateful if you would get in touch with me. I would be especially grateful if you would either scan the art to my specs, or loan me the originals for scanning. I will reimburse you all your expenses, as well as send you a little something nice extra. ONLY PAGES PUBLISHED AFTER ISSUE 25 are needed. Some color and cover art from all editions are needed.

I need 1200 dpi greyscale, or 600 dpi greyscale. I prefer the former.

If you have color originals, I prefer 600 dpi CMYK. RGB will do.

Here is a screen shot of Allan Harvey’s meticulous restoration process in Photoshop. Using careful selections, he removes the flawed tone areas and replaces them digitally. If you have a copy of our new graphic novel edition, you can see for yourself how beautifully this printed!


I am so grateful for your kindness in helping restore this book. I am deeply sorry this happened, and I am doing everything I can to bring you a new edition in good condition.

Please CLICK HERE to write me.

Thank you.


UPDATE: The restoration has taken years and is now almost complete with over 500 pages meticulously restored and two brand new editions of the series in print, with far better production values than we ever hoped for before.

We only need a few pages now, so please do NOT send anything until you have contacted me. Some paintings are still missing: we would love to borrow them.

All donations are gratefully accepted! Anyone who donates to the restoration will be permanently listed here!

The Hierarchy! Beyond the call of duty support and donations

Allan Harvey
Paul Dent
Miki Anamanthadoo
Doug Pratt
J Michael Straczynksi
Jeremiah Avery
Dennis Weldy
Charles Sanders

Thank you for scans and loans of original art!

Allan Harvey
Sue McLoughlin
Jeremiah Avery
Chris Murrin
Gillian Arsenault
Miki Anamanthadoo
A Castle of Books
Eric Luczaj
Derek Putnam
Niels van Eikelen
Geary Gravel
Jose Villarubia
Brian Holst
Justin Kim
Deven Stephens
John Bacon
Rui Alves
Barbara Giorgieri
Andrew Janke
Gail Courtney
Diane Courtney
Gregory McKee
Neil Miko
Marisa Ross
Rachael Hixon


Jamie Perez
Lawrence Emery
Miki Anamanthadoo
J. Michael Straczynski
Christine Klunder
Matt Miner
Robert Pincombe
Jennifer Albright
Ralph Chilton
Steve Niles
Justin Kim
Allan Harvey
Paul Hutchins
John Bacon
Gillian Arsenault
Yolanda Goodwin
Doug Pratt
Matthew Miner
Marlene Hirose
Samantha Jeude
Ruth Evers
Gail Courtney
Cassandra Matteis

PATRONS: much appreciated customers who have contributed to the restoration effort with purchases from the A Distant Soil shop

Henry Franke
Donald Windham
Jason Carr
William Kent
Five Star Comics
Bill Nichols
Christine Materi
Theo von Shlien
Charles Ano
Brian Holst
Bob Ellis
Sean Cassity
Charles Ano
Chriss Materi
Daniel Jones
Jeffrey Kline
Robert Stutts
Brian Sikkenga
Belinda Fernandez
Sharla Hardy
Eric Dam
David Maulding
Andrew Scott
Pamela Goodwin
Chris Tong
Iris Roland
Einel Chaimovitz
Eton Kwok
Ivan Perez
Emil Anders Fritiof Djupfeldt
Jeremiah Avery
Michael Barbour
Jeffrey Kline
Alexander Johnson
Benjamin Czisny
Ryan Labay
Avner Shiloah
Mats Grotterod
Robin Whittle
Brian O’Malley
Angel Gallo Fernandez
Tyler Chin Tanner
Wesley Frazier
Laura Sneddon
Joey Sayer
Karen Wells
Morten Eriksen
Gabriel McCann
Randell Drew
Michael Ragiel
Brenton Nichol
Sidra Grove
Melissa Vogt Patterson
Stacy Burcham
Gregory Smith
Timothy Morizot
Paul Dent
Jeremiah Avery
Alexander Hloderwski
Michael Paulson
Saunter Lee
Don Newlin
Justin Kim
Kris Herzog
Brian Holst
Alexandre Hossard
Keith McCaffety
Wilson Ramos Jr
Charles Sanders
Arthur Durband
Lawrence Renfroe
Tony Soderquist
Brian Sikkenga
Shannon Weathers
Joseph Frank
Thomas Zimmerman
John Overall
Gwendolyn Exner
Tomas Milliken
Michael DeLeRee
John Collins
Robin D Page
Charles Itagaki
Edwin Hard
Lisa Guertin
Johnny Amburn
Lance Zielinski
Justin Sycamore
Karl Scheller
Parbej Ali
Greg Hyatt
Alexandra Cenni
Alan Pinion
Caitlyn Wilkinson
Torsten Adair
Michael Paulson
Elizabeth Vasilaki
David Rivers
Justin Sycamore
Deven Stephens
Gail Courtney
Audrey Robare