First and foremost, my sincere appreciation to Robert Pincombe for his noble sacrifice of dollars on the altar of A Distant Soil.

Robert popped us a donation after reading VERY BAD PUBLISHERS, which I continually flog, not just for my benefit but for yours. If you consider getting into the art and entertainment profession (any area, including webcomics,) I really wish you would take the time to read about my experiences. The posts start off a bit slow, but I go into detail about contract scams and other publishing pitfalls.

And in other happy news, the restoration process is a lot speedier now that I have learned to use the polygonal lasso tool. As of yesterday.

By the way, a question for the grammarians out there, because I never had two editors on the print edition who could seem to agree. And when I finally do a super duper definitive edition, I would love to have clean copy.

A word balloon is comic book language for quote. Many editors use double quotes when quoting inside a word balloon. Except if a quote is within a quote, that should be single quotation marks, right? Or not?

And what about titles? Should I just bold them or use quotes? As you see, Brent makes a really lame crack in panel one, and I am at sea as to how to properly do the quote deed.

And I can say Brent’s dialogue is lame, because I wrote it. Man, what a dopey line.

Thoughts? About the grammar, I mean. OK, if you want to comment about Brent’s lame quote, that’s OK, too.