I’m going to hold off posting some art to the galleries because I don’t want to spoil things for new readers. I will post the first bios to the CAST page later today.

I know regulars are all just so relieved to see Butterbear again.

I’ll be adding more links as I can. There are still a lot of things to import from the old blog. Because of some kind of weird conflict with the old program and this one, I can’t just import. Everything has to be done one at a time. Ugh.

It was interesting going through the old blog, seeing thousands of posts, and realizing I only wanted to save a small portion. Most had nothing to do with A Distant Soil, and many were notices for conventions, events, seminars, etc. I don’t think they will be missed.

I would have liked to have imported more of the old arts/letters links, but a lot of them linked to now-dead pages. So, off they go.

We’ll be posting pages DAILY for awhile. Then we will post three days a week.

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