This was a pinup done for the new graphic novel editions.

If you’re trying to read the whole series here, I’ve got about 400 pages up, then I found out the site could not handle anything at high res. While I’ve reloaded many of the pages, if you get to a page that freezes, please contact me.

I don’t know when I’ll get around to loading the entire series, but I appreciate your stopping in to have a look at this big chunk. Loading pages is time consuming, and I’m trying to concentrate on moving forward for now.

I haven’t been updating here much. I’m putting most of my time into the Patreon, producing new pages there, working on the story bible, and trying to get caught up on my other work. I’m spending a tiny fraction of the time I used to spend on social media, too.

Last year, I was cheering my progress as my health improved, but when I look at how much work I actually produced I was shocked how little progress was made. By May 2018, I’ll have done more work than I did all of last year.

I feel compelled to write and draw now, and as I mentioned before, I won’t be doing many appearances in 2018. Here’s a look at where I will be.

I did a lot of shows over the last couple of years. Some ask how one can travel if one is in poor health. Well, it is actually easier to travel to one show every six weeks and make some quick cash than it is to spend six weeks working on a book. No joke. Frankly, I’d rather be working on books, no matter how easy going to shows.

Hope you guys dodged the flu, I got smacked with it this year and am glad to be back on my feet now, holy cow.