Welcome to the new A Distant Soil webcomic.

For over five years, this site has hosted pages from the A DISTANT SOIL series from Image Comics. All of those pages were originally scanned from the best available sources and provided for our readers here at no charge.

A recent software update wiped out our entire system and necessitated that we either end the online series which is still running in print at Image, or completely reformat all our files.

We’ve decided to redo our entire system and reload the whole book for you.

This is going to take some time as we have over 1000 pages of inventory to post. But the good news is, after a FIVE YEAR restoration effort, we can now bring you the meticulously restored digital edition of A DISTANT SOIL at twice the size of the original webcomic, pristine scans from perfect files which are significantly cleaner than our old files, and easier to read.

A DISTANT SOIL: SEASONS OF SPRING is the prequel to the entire series, and loading to this website for the first time. It has been unavailable in print since 1994.

A DISTANT SOIL: THE GATHERING is the first volume of the series, and we will load pages as time permits.

Look for the SELECT STORY button for the drop down menu to choose a chapter of A DISTANT SOIL.

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Please be advised the old A Distant Soil blog is being discontinued. We will be doing our best to transfer important info to this blog as time permits, but the entire blog will be deleted. Please update your links to this blog as soon as possible.

We’ve done everything we can to preserve all the original posts and comments, but unfortunately, some material is lost. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to our readers.

A DISTANT SOIL is created, written and drawn by Colleen Doran.

Digital Restoration by Allan Harvey.

Custom Colleen Doran lettering font by kind permission of Comicraft.

Thanks to DC McQueen for all her help.

Best Wishes!