Holy cow, it’s a deluge of generosity from Anthony Soderquist

I am deeply grateful for all the moolah, and there is enough dough in the kitty to pay for me to finish next issue. All website costs are covered into next year. I won’t be able to wiggle time for A Distant Soil until I have finished Gone to Amerikay. But my goal this year (and we are well on our way to that goal) is to fill the kitty enough to pay for two issues. We now have one.

And I must confess, I was a little down about being able to finish this thing. I don’t worry about that anymore. This webcomic experience has been absolutely great. It has helped me reach new readers and find new ways to finance the book. The trick is to make sure you don’t spend more time blogging and posting than you can cover with web earnings. I try to keep a time management diary for this task.

I meant to post about this before: Scott Saavedra is keeping a blog of his webcomics experience. You might want to check that out.

I need to gather my thoughts for a more coherent post about the webcomics thing, because while it is putting a smile on my face, it isn’t working out for the vast majority of people who have tried it. If you define “working out” as “making a living or at least a profit” that is. It all reminds me of the self publishing (analog style) movement. Many, many participants, much money, time and effort poured in, many, many abandoned projects, and a tiny little elite at the top. Oh, and a group of disgruntled rebels who were sure they would be oh, so much better off going their own way and singing their own song, only to end up having to get day jobs that killed their dreams.

It’s like high school, and the two years after.

Anyway, I am deeply grateful that all you people have helped me clear my masses of books, statues and whatnot. I still have a lot left, but no more time for this massive packing and shipping chore. And so I am calling it a day.

Since there was no interest whatsoever in the literature category, it’s all going to my parent’s church which sponsors a library in Ghana. They get my Shakespeare volumes, my 1001 Arabian Nights, the old children’s books. It’s a lovely thing to share lovely things.

More work added to ColleenDoran.com, including unpublished art from The Book of Lost Souls. Go see.

Adn for reasons which should be obvious if you have several thousand friends on Facebook, I am shutting down my personal page, and replacing it with a fan page. I get so many apps and request to play Mafia games and whatnot, that I spend half my allotted time deleting things. Here’s hoping a fan page will be more focused. CLICK HERE TO JOIN. If you are among the first 500 people to join, you are automatically entered to win a page of original art.