FYI: I drew almost all of the pages you see on this site more than 20 years ago. All of the stippling you see here is entirely by hand. For most of the series shown so far, all of the hatching techniques are also by hand.

Back in the day, US comic artists had limited choices for tone sheets. It wasn’t until a trip to Japan in 1996 that I was able to get a supply of Japanese tone sheets. Then I began to use them exclusively.

Later, when Image Comics began producing my graphic novels, I went back and added some tones to earlier pages to spruce them up. But for the most part, I did not use Japanese tone sheets on the first 240 pages of the series.

And yes, all those little dots take a long time to draw by hand. I used to spend up to an hour per square inch. There are now computer brushes you can use to produce these effects, but to this day, I do not use computer tones. I will complete this entire series by hand, and with my remaining Japanese tone sheets. Because I can.