Shot from the original art. I didn’t have enough Photoshop skills to do clean up and restoration on the early pages I posted, but now I do. It takes at least an hour per page to fix mistakes and remove flaws. This is one of the reasons I am considering cutting back to posting 3 pages a week: I need to spend more time doing NEW pages.

This page was especially problematic, with word balloon pointer mistakes and line segments missing. I had to restore parts of the background and do some work on the figures.

Fortunately, the site is bringing in more money. If that continues, I will be able to afford to spend more time on new work. And I am finishing up a side gig by tomorrow, so I’ll have a few more hours back in my week.

That said, I am enjoying the restoration process, and have learned many new skills. I can now understand why many artists give up – or never learn how – to do art by hand. Computer graphics are 1,347,689 times easier. No, really. I did the math.

And speaking of doing the math, I did the math on the digital work I am putting in on these pages. It will take 5.5 months of 40 hour work weeks to complete the restoration.

Fortunately, later pages are cleaner and will probably not take more than about 20 minutes per page to clean up. However, some of the earlier pages can take two hours or more each. So the average effort per page is 1 hour.