This colored pencil portrait of Aeren dates from 2001. I think the features are a bit off, but hey, that pic is totes hair band.

I haven’t been updating here very much as I am putting most of my effort into the Patreon site and trying to catch up on work. I got the flu in January, and that cost me a lot more time than I thought it would. I’m happy to report I continue to do much better after getting my new treatment for Hashimoto’s Disease, but it’s a roller coaster and not a mountain with a peak. A major issue for me is sugar intolerance, so limiting it abates my symptoms.

Once again, I’m trying to get fit, and hope a 7 month stay at home – no conventions or appearances – will help me stick to a schedule and keep me from getting sick again.

I usually do my big office clean in January, but because I was sick, I pushed it back to last week, and I have found tons of stuff in boxes around here. I am down to one box of business papers that needs sorting, much of it very old, but the art has never been properly sorted or archived. So I am looking at a six foot tall high stack of art.

Wish me luck.