This is a pastel drawing of Bast from many years ago. It’s not quite on model, her features are too delicate. Bast should be queenly.

I think there’s a lot of Kelly Freas influence in this piece. He was my mentor when I was a kid. The way I rendered the stones and cloth, the set of the head, the overall style is very Kelly.

I recall donating it to one of those industry charity auctions. They had no idea what it was, and my art wasn’t worth much back then, so they sold it as “Portrait of Spanish Lady” and let it go for about $30. I was not amused. I am more careful about donating my art today. I also prefer to donate money to charities I carefully research first rather than taking a risk with letting art go for a song.

I’ve been on a hunt for some of the art that went for nothing back in the day, and sometimes I get lucky. But most of the time I can’t afford to re-purchase it! It goes for a lot more now.