This is a private commission of Bast, before I did some touch ups to the pencil drawing. The final art will be colored digitally and will be my next fundraising print.

At my Patreon, patrons who donate at the applicable levels will get this print as part of their patron package!

I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t been updating this page much lately. Most of my posting activity is on my Patreon. I have posted 200 times on that page since March. New pages from A DISTANT SOIL, process posts, industry rights blogging. If you are interested in supporting, the direct link is here, and support starts at only $1 a month. There are also prizes and giveaways, and patrons at ALL levels are eligible for some items. Also, every patron this year gets a hand signed Christmas card from me no matter where they are in the world. I hope you’ll consider supporting me there.

The entirety of A DISTANT SOIL Volume I has been posted here on this website to read for free, and a large portion of Volume II. After our system got wiped out awhile back, I’ve just found it too much of a burden to re-post every single page. They all to be reformatted and resized because they doesn’t fit the specs of the new system. I did not realize that my new high res uploads were hanging up the server, and I had to reload them all over again. I have so much on my plate that I can’t take the time for it all just now.

I have work in GOTHAM CITY GARAGE #8, and am going into deep freelancer hell over the holiday to try to catch up on work while my editors are out of town. I will enjoy the peace and quiet!

If you are considering purchasing a book from my bookstore, or art for Christmas, please do so in time for me to ship for the Christmas holiday!

If anyone wants to know what I want for Christmas, it’s to win the lottery so I can afford to work on A DISTANT SOIL: The Full Color Edition! I have been dabbling with a few color pages as samples, but I am trying to fix my focus on the story bible I need to complete, and the final volume of the series.

My next two shows will be ACE Comic Con at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum and ACE Comic Con in Glendale Arizona.

I cannot wait to meet Gal Gadot!

All of the details can be found here.