Watercolor. This was later tweaked a bit in Photoshop.

Have been slow posting new material for awhile. As most of you know, I was pretty sick over the winter and have about 3 months of work to catch up on!

I’m also auctioning off a few art goodies on ebay, so check them out! Original sketches, hand painted bookmarks and more coming!

Had a GREAT time at Garden State Comic Fest, thank you to the Patreon supporters who came out to see me! I will also be at @WizardWorld Columbus, August 4-6. Use code ColleenDoran at checkout to get 10% off ticket price! And yes, you get 10% off ANY purchase at my booth as well! My old pakl JEFF SMITH of BONE fame will also be there, so be sure to stop by!!

ALL Patreon supporters get 10% off ANY purchase at my booth! Original art books, discounted books ALL THE STUFF!