Cute sketch, I must have did this back in the early 1990’s, but I think I sold it about six years ago. Pencil.

Sorry to be late with the upload today, had a bad headache and spent most of the day in bed.

On the funny-not-funny side, I couldn’t figure out why our web traffic was dropping, and finally realized that our comic files were large enough that they were hanging up our cache. So, many people would try to read a page, and then get have the page, then have to reload over and over. Then give up and go away. Dead annoying.

I’m reloading the pages at lower res in my spare time, and have done about half the archives. It doesn’t take that long, only about 20 minutes per issue, not nearly as long as restoring the lost pages from the web crash awhile back, which can take twenty minutes just for a couple of pages. But it may be another couple of weeks before all the old pages are restored at lower res. I can’t really see a difference in the pages on the screen, so no loss. But if you are having trouble reading the comic, that has been the issue, and I’m working on a fix.

I remain in awe of your great support of my Patreon. We are over 20% on the way to level 2! THANK THANK THANK YOU! When we reach level 2, you get 12 NEW pages of A DISTANT SOIL a month, over a YEAR before anyone else sees them! The Patreon has made a HUGE difference here, and I am really grateful!