IF YOU DONATED at least $25 to the A DISTANT SOIL fundraising incentive at left, please make sure I have your correct address as I am shipping out prints and I have gotten a few back marked undeliverable! Please be sure I don’t miss you!

My Patreon information will be up shortly. Most important big news: patrons will receive first look at new A DISTANT SOIL pages as they are completed. That’s right, from issue 43 on, you get first look over a YEAR before they see print! I have permission from IMAGE COMICS to give my online supporters the goods. Stay tuned.

If you are following my updates here, remember I am posting pages from Back issues of A DISTANT SOIL five days a week. Almost 4 chapters of A DISTANT SOIL: The Ascendant are now up!

Also, check out my interview at COMICS ALLIANCE! It’s a big one.

As for this pic, it’s original cover art for A DISTANT SOIL 38. Watercolor and mixed media.

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