The Red Dragon is used with permission.

The original watercolor art was sold ages ago, though I tried to buy it back, unsuccessfully. This was scanned from a photocopy, though a pretty good one.

I realized I’ve spent the better part of a year posting nothing but pinups and no new story. Image doesn’t want me to post story before it goes in the book, understandably, and I need to build more inventory before we can resume print publishing. I keep thinking I’ll run out of art any day now, but I have so much of it, I could go for years just posting sketches and things. Kind of amazing! If I post nothing but covers, I’ve got over a year of just cover art to post!

This was the cover for “Images of A DISTANT SOIL” which was a book of pin-ups. It was moderately successful in that it didn’t lose money, but it didn’t make much. On the plus side, I got to see my art drawn by some pretty awesome people and I got to paint this fun cover!

Anyway, I will continue to post past pages of the graphic novels, which includes restored pages and story that was never in the original editions. The pages are 50% larger than they were on the old website as well. So keep reading!

All of A DISTANT SOIL: THE GATHERING is now up, and all of chapter one of A DISTANT SOIL: The ASCENDANT is also now up.