THE FINAL IMAGE! I figure since the printer tells me I will have the rest of the prints next week, I might as well post it! Seren and D’mer, the final art.

Really sorry this took so long, I’m sure I mentioned before how I had accidentally saved the final copy of the original digital art as a low res jpg and it was ages before I realized what I had done. I had to do it over. Oh, well, looks better this time anyway.

My PATREON is live, and I am happy to say we roared past the first goal. This is amazing! I will use this money to buy time to work on A DISTANT SOIL’s final chapter (I don’t get an advance or page rate, I cannot adequately express how important this PATREON support is,) and if you decide to stick with me through that, I surely do have some other great projects I want to work on, including coloring books, a King Arthur project, illustrated stories, and more comics. I will post multiple times a week, and the NEW pages of A DISTANT SOIL will post there long before they post here. I hope you will check out my PATREON and consider supporting it. I am truly grateful!

I’m also moving all my creator rights blogging to the $1 donation level there. I used to blog a lot for free, and I will now blog a lot for patrons.

Please don’t forget I will be on SyFy FB LIVE on Thursday for a round table discussion at APR 1:30 PM EST. Be sure to tune in!

Once again I am deeply sorry to have taken so long with these prints. I am very grateful for your patience, and have learned a lot about digital art since beginning it, so I don’t expect big delays on this sort of thing in future.