This was drawn back in the 1980’s when I was renting a room from an editor who is long gone from the business. I was only making a few hundred bucks a month at one point, so she would use the company credit card to buy me dinner once in awhile in exchange for original art. I guess, technically, the art would have belonged to the company since they were paying for it, but she kept it all. This was one of the few drawings from that time that I actually got to save for myself.

I was upset that the editor never let me get copies of the art. I found out later someone was circulating copies and selling them, which was kind of irritating. It was also kind of irritating that the editor would want these elaborate drawings for the equivalent of about $10 in food, and then the next day complain I was getting behind on my assignments.

It’s kind of funny in retrospect. But not really.