The cover from the original edition of the third volume of A DISTANT SOIL. This was painted in Genesis Oils, which is not really oil, but works like it. It dries on demand at 250 degrees, which is a delight for illustrators. I quite like using it, but don’t get much chance to these days.

This was one of the first attempts to work in this medium and it’s a little awkward, but I like the color. It did not print well at all, and it looks terrible on the book, but nice online. I think the printer actually used a low res scan instead of the one they were supposed to use.

One serious disadvantage is you have to use the Genesis varnishes, and I don’t care for them. I like a shiny classic varnish and the Genesis brand is flat and mat.

I’ve had serious technical issues with the computer lately, and spent most of the last couple of weeks installing new hard drives, and cleaning out thousands of files. Managed to clear a terabyte of space on the computer, and found many, many good quality images that I thought were lost. I look forward to sharing them with you.

I have thousands of images I simply never filed, and among them, many important images at high res. It’s quite a relief to find them!

Also, see you at New Jersey Comic Book Expo this weekend!