Getting one of my idols, the great Curt Swan, to do a drawing for A DISTANT SOIL was a special treat. I adored Curt, thought he was one of the finest gentlemen I ever met in comics. He was exactly what you hoped the artist of Superman would be: kind, generous, gracious, polite and humble. I cannot say enough good things about Curt Swan. I miss him so much. When he passed away I sat on my back porch and cried so much the cat came running to see what was wrong. If he’d known Curt Swan, he’d have cried, too.

I love how Curt made Vinyr buff: of course, he’s not buff in the comic. But it amuses me. What is more amusing is that Curt didn’t really grok that there weren’t costumes in A DISTANT SOIL, so he put Vinyr in one of Niniri’s outfits. I didn’t notice for ages.

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