UPDATED 4/20/2017

There are 42 issues of the A Distant Soil comic book. A new, digitally enhanced edition of the first graphic novel collection was published in July 2013. It is the first new edition of A Distant Soil since 1997. ALL prior editions of the series are also being completely restored and will be released as time permits. Volume II was published in August 2014, Volume III is scheduled for 2018, and Volume IV in August 2018. The final volume is currently being written and drawn, with issue 50 the last issue of the comic book series. It will be collected into trade paperback in 2019.

A Distant Soil has sold more than 700,000 comics and 75,000 graphic novels in US, Spanish and Italian editions, for a total retail gross of more than $3,000,000.

Creator Colleen Doran is also working on several projects for a number of other publishers, including projects with Warren Ellis and Matt Hawkins at Top Cow.

The autobiography of Stan Lee AMAZING FANTASTIC INCREDIBLE STAN LEE released in November 2015 was on the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller list for three months. She also adapted Neil Gaiman’s story TROLL BRIDGE which also became a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling graphic novel.

After more than a decade of rare public appearances, Colleen will schedule at least 6 appearances in 2017.

Publication of A Distant Soil resumed in 2013, and the target date for completion of the entire series is 2018.


How often do you update the webcomic?

Why did you decide to make a webcomic?

To expand the audience, and to encourage people who read the work online to come to the official website.

I saw print editions of A Distant Soil back in the 1980’s. What happened to them?

A much earlier edition of the book was published by a defunct small press company, which attempted to claim all copyright and trademark interests in the work. When creator Colleen Doran left that publisher, she completely rewrote and redrew her series from scratch. None of the pages were used again.

A color edition of the new work was published by the long defunct Starblaze Graphics imprint.

Colleen self published the series under her Aria Press imprint before moving to Image Comics with issue 15. All of the Starblaze/Aria Press material is collected in the Image Comics graphic novels.

All of the book had to undergo an extensive restoration process after the printer lost our archives. The book was on hiatus during this time.

What is collected in the A Distant Soil graphic novels?

The first volume of the new, digitally restored A DISTANT SOIL collects issue 1-12 and a few pages of issue 13.

All prior editions of the books are out of print and for collectors only. The new editions are far superior in every way: better printing, better stock, exceptional improvement in reproduction of the art.

Really. We totally mean it.

Where can I get copies of A Distant Soil Graphic Novels? Comics?

Many comic shops carry A Distant Soil or can order it for you. If you can’t get to a comic book shop, CLICK HERE and go to our Amazon.com store.

Is the Wikipedia entry about A Distant Soil accurate?

We don’t have any affiliation with Wikipedia, but the last time we looked, it was accurate. If you see something troubling, please bring it to our attention.

Will there ever be an A Distant Soil movie?

A Distant Soil has repeatedly been optioned for film and television. Colleen has no open options at this time.

Where can I go for information about licensing A Distant Soil or other works by Colleen Doran?

Please request information about commercial licenses and options via Image Comics.

Can I write/draw A Distant Soil fanfic/fanart?

Colleen has no objection to your non-commercial fanfic or fanart. She is very happy you enjoy her work. Please don’t send fanfic directly to Colleen. She is not allowed to read it. If you would like a detailed explanation of our fanfic/fanart policy, GO HERE.

May I make A Distant Soil costumes?

Of course you may. Please send pics!

How do I get my work in the fan art gallery?

We’ve had to remove our gallery feature because it was too buggy. However, if you want us to feature your fanart in a post, just contact us. We’d love to!

How do I register to comment?

All you need to comment is a Facebook or Twitter account. If you don’t have one, contact us via our comment form, and we will open an account so you can comment here.

How do I get a nifty personal image to go on with blog comments?

Those neat pictures are called gravatars. CLICK HERE for instructions.

Do you use computers in your work?

All the A Distant Soil pages are drawn entirely by hand. Screen tones are classic Japanese tone sheets, also applied by hand. Colleen does not use any Poser programs or any other kind of digital aid. Almost all hatching and stippling is also by hand.

Most cover art is painted by hand, though some airbrush effects on later paintings are added by the covers from the last three years are original drawings done by hand colored digitally.

Sales of original art finance the creation of the book. Please consider adding original art from A Distant Soil or one of Colleen’s other projects to your collection! CLICK HERE.